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Redwood Bureau

A dangerous organization known as the Redwood Bureau is keeping terrifying, supernatural entities secret. Agent Conroy leaks the terrors the Bureau hides. Hosted by Josh Tomar.

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Unexplained Encounters

True horror stories narrated by Darkness Prevails with a focus on the paranormal, the unexplained, and mysterious creatures.

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Freaky Folklore

Host Carman Carrion delves into the terrifying history and lore of your favorite monsters, mysteries and myths.

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Tales from the Break Room

On the edge of town, a mysterious closing shift manager of a strange cafe known as Dead and Roasted shares terrifying work stories submitted by very real people.

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Destination Terror

Travel the world with host, Carman Carrion, as she discovers the most haunted places and explains their terrifying histories.

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Our Hosts

especially terrifying Entertainers

Darkness Prevails

Owner and Founder of the Eeriecast Network, Darkness Prevails got his start on YouTube with horror-themed lists. Eventually, he found himself doing what he loved most for a living - Scaring people (by narrating allegedly true horror stories from around the world).


Carman Carrion is the host of Freaky Folklore and is a huge fan herself of the horrors of the world and the myriad shapes and sizes they come in.


Josh Tomar, known to many as simply 'Tomar' is the host of Redwood Bureau and is easily startled.  We cannot be held responsible for what he might do if faced with a ghoul or 'geist or other such frights.