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our terrifying entertainers

These folks tell and/or deliver you the stories that keep you up (or help you sleep).


Owner and Founder of the Eeriecast Network, Darkness Prevails got his start on YouTube with horror-themed lists. Eventually, he found himself doing what he loved most for a living - Scaring people (by narrating allegedly true horror stories from around the world).


Carman Carrion is the host of Freaky Folklore and is a huge fan herself of the horrors of the world and the myriad shapes and sizes they come in.


Josh Tomar, known to many as simply 'Tomar' is the host of Redwood Bureau and is easily startled.  We cannot be held responsible for what he might do if faced with a ghoul or 'geist or other such frights.


Our testimonials

Recent reviews courtesy of our beloved Apple Podcasts listeners.

Great podcast. I’m really not a fan of scary stuff but for some reason this podcast has me hooked. I’ve listened to well over half the episodes so far since I found it and I love every episode. Some stories are goofy, some are truly creepy, and some are really scary but I love it. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Great podcast one of my favorites of all time.

Apple Podcasts Review for Unexplained Encounters


Binged to the series in a day no regrets. I love the concept of the Redwood Bureau; they’re similar to the SCP foundation but far less humane. The thing that really sells this podcast to me has got to be the delivery of the stories. The build-up is fantastic and the tension is palpable. I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen if you’re a fan of the SCP Foundation or if you just like a really like a good horror story.

Apple Podcasts Review for Redwood Bureau


Great. The narrator has one of the best speaking voices I've ever heard. She doesn’t overemphasize as so many tend to do for effect. She allows a good story to tell itself. Well Done.

Apple Podcasts Review for Freaky Folklore


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